Rapid Development Cycle: How We Work for You

At Event Horizons, we can and will develop your concept. No idea is too complex, far-fetched, or difficult. Our customers have ranged from the world's largest airport construction firm to a team of innovative physicians to a single back-yard inventor.

In short, we can do it!

Here is the development cycle of a typical project:

  1. You have a brilliant idea, but are not sure how to implement it.
  2. You come to us, we sit down with you and, in most cases, over lunch, we help you work out a design that can be built.
  3. Depending on project needs, we build a "breadboard" to verify the design. This step allows us to discover any potential problems and correct them quickly.
  4. We then constuct a "brassboard" of the design. The "brassboard" may be a one-of-a-kind, may have corrections and is probably ugly. But it is a fully functional version and can be used to test in the actual environment.
  5. Finally, if the customer requires it, we then construct a small number of "prototypes". There may still be corrections or changes, but these units will closely resemble the final design.
  6. You now have a fully developed design to produce, market, or implement as you wish.

This site was last updated 17 November 2002.

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