Dual-Synchro Encoder Upgrade

AC synchros have been used for decades as linear position sensors in applications ranging from gun pedestals to antennas to guided missles. They have been used in analog fire-control computers, guidence systems and many other places. While never "cheap", their simple design and construction has made them a reliable sensor in harsh and aggressive anvironments. Years of refinements and improvements have produced rock-solid designs. When digital encoders were first introduced they were large, expensive and fragile.
As the size and cost of digital encoders fell and the reliability increased, more and more manufacturers used them in new designs. The number of suppliers providing synchros fell to the point where today there are just a few specialty producers remaining. In addition, the components required to convert the synchro signal for use by computers (Synchro-to-digital converter) are increasingly hard to obtain.
To meet the need of customers who are using synchros for high-resolution position sensing, Event Horizons developed a standard 36:1 type dual-synchro replacement encoder. By installing two ten-bit absolute encoders in a precision gearbox, along with a interface board, we are able to provide true 16-bit resolution with virtually no backlash and no requirement for 400Hz 115V AC.

Encoder Front View
precision machined anodized aluminum enclosure

Encoder Rear View
Reliable D-Type Connector for connection to interface driver

Each encoder is precision constructed to meet the customers exact requirements. Prices start at $950.00 US and includes the encoder unit, interface cable and interface driver. Please call or e-mail for a quote to meet your specific needs.

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This page was last updated 3 July 2003.

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