The telescope domes that are used by schools and amateurs, ranging from 2 to 4 meters in diameter, usually do not have power drive systems, making them awkward to use for serious astronomical viewing. Even the units that are fitted with power drives must normally be manually controlled.

The Event Horizons Dome Automated Control System(DACS), sold by What In The World (may no longer exist) of Lake Arrowhead, California, allows the dome to be controlled by the same computer that is controlling the telescope. This system consists of the hardware and software required to automate the telscope dome. Existing dome drive AC motors are replaced with DC motors and sensors. The motors are operated be a microcontroller that is in commanded from a host computer.
In addition, the DACS can work with "The Sky" astronomical software from Software Bisque.

DACS Control Enclosure
Heavy gauge metal box is designed to be securely mounted to flat or curved walls

DACS Control Enclosure
Reliable circular connectors provide easy connections to motors and sensors

WinDome Control Software Version 2.50 (8/29/2000)

Self-extracting EXE file, containing the latest version of the PC host software. Copy this file into the folder containg the existing WinDome.exe file. Execute WD.EXE to extract the new WinDome.exe. When prompted to overwite existing file, answer "Y".
NOTE: This is an upgrade only. Use this only if you have already installed WinDome from the original CD.

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