Private Eye P4 Documents

As part of some work we are doing, we were loaned a nice set of documents for the Reflection Technology Private Eye, model P4. As a benefit to everybody, I have scanned in the documents and posted them here for anybody to reference.

These documents were copied without permission of Reflection Technologies. I attempted several times to reach Reflection Technologies, by phone, e-mail and by regular mail, but have received no reply. If Reflection Technologies objects to these items being posted, then they may contact me and I will remove them at once.

The table shows the complete list of documents that we have and contains links for each of the files that have been posted.

Application Backgrounder (Press Release) PMT.ZIP
(4 pages, 299K)
Private Eye Fact Sheet FS.ZIP
(2 pages, 152K)
P4 Product Specification P4SPEC.ZIP
(4 pages, 452K)
Display Controller Programmers Manual DCPM.PDF
(12 pages, 1020K)
MiniModule/Private Eye Technical Manual MMTM.RTF
(16 pages, 1194K)
Display Controller ASIC Specification ASIC.RTF
(22 pages, 1504K)
Appendix B to Technical Manual
Display Controller Limitations DCL.RTF
(2 pages, 125K)
Appendix C to Technical Manual
Windows 3.0 Driver Release Notes WINNOTE.ZIP
(2 pages, 229K)
Chassis Assembly Mounting Reference P4ASSY.ZIP
(1 page, 76K)
Reflection Technology Serial Interface (RTSI) Functional Specification RTSI.ZIP
(10 pages, 987K)
Methods for interfacing to Private Eye MFI.ZIP
(8 pages, 837K)
Printer Port Interface PPI.ZIP
(8 pages, 443K)
PEVA Board Address Remapping PAL source Code PEVAMAP.ZIP
(1 page, 43K)

All scanned documents have been compressed and uploaded, but only a few documents have been converted to text format. If anybone has a special request for a document to be converted, then e-mail me and I will place a priority on it. Otherwise, check back later for further updates.

The documents were scanned in black-and-white at 300dpi and saved as BMP files. Each page is about 1MB. The scanned images from each document are compressed using PK-ZIP 2.04G (my personal favourite), shrinking them almost 90%.

The images files were then processed with Textbridge Pro 98. One file was manually edited for layout and quickly reviewed for major mistakes, then converted into an Abobe Acrobat PDF. If somebody sends me any corrections or notes by e-mail, then I will incorporate them as soon as possible. All other files were simply saved as Rich-Text-Format (RTF) files with no editing other then the Textbridge proofread cycle.

If any volunteers wish to proofread any of the RTF files, correct the errors and then send them back to me, I will convert them to PDF's and post the updates. I will also give credit as appropriate so everybody will know who to blame.

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This page was last updated 28 October 1999.