Solar 2 Plant

Daggett, CA

Main Plant
The tower uses molten salt as the medium
I am told there are 1800 heliostats, each of which has 16 of the 4 foot by 16 foot mirror cells

Mirror Map
This magnetic board was used to identify the maintenance status of each heliostat
(It sold for $25 at the auction)

Stacks of mirrors
I estimate that there are about 100,000 square feet of mirrors here
The Department Of Energy pulled the mirrors from the auction, so they were not sold

Closer view of mirror cell
showing the simple, low-cost construction method

Close up of mirror and sheet metal
The sheet metal is simply glued to the mirror
The mirror are supposed to be laminated glass, with the nickel plating sandwiched between two layers of glass the surface is also polished for low defects. Reflectivity is claimed to be better then 98%.

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