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Event Horizons has developed extensive capabilities and skills to support Rapid-Cycle prototype development. In this fast paced market it has been necessary to vertically integrate every step possible within our own facilities.

When we build your prototype, we design the electronics, layout the printed circuit board, assemble the components, write the software, fabricate the enclosure, paint it and deliver it to you.

"...we have the technology!".

Our 5,000 square foot facility brings together a wide range capabilities:

  • Electronics Laboratory
    Consisting of a complete suite of test and development tools and software, ranging from the most basic of Digital Voltmeters through Oscilloscopes and Logic Analyzers to In-Circuit-Emulators (ICE).

  • Radio Frequency Laboratory
    Includes Microwave and RF test equipment covering every major band, including signal generators, frequency counters, power meters, sweep generators and much, much more.

  • CAD/CAM Capabilities
    Unlike some larger companies, Event Horizons firmly believes in providing all of our staff with sufficient computing resources. State-of-the-art Computer systems are found in every corner and on every desk, including the machine shop, all fully networked. In addition, Event Horizons has assembled a wide suite of CAD tools, for drafting, schematic capture, electrical and RF modeling, PCB layout and even specialized, custom developed software.

  • Machine Shop
    For production of parts and components required during the development cycle. Our staff is skilled in tool and die making as well as small production work. If we need a special part, tool or machine, we simply build it.

  • Fabrication Facility
    Includes a sheet metal shop and paint booth. The Fab Shop is equipped to produce enclosures from aluminum or steel and to finish all parts produced for final delivery. We also work closely with local vendors to provide silkscreening services, producing a professional, production grade product, regardless of the size of the project or the quantity produced.

This site was last updated October 31, 2007.

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