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Waveguide SwitchWaveguide Switch
Waveguide Switch Event Horizons is proud to introduce a 24GHz waveguide switch, the first of a line specifically designed for use by the Amateur Radio community. These economical switches are built using reliable, proven designs and are durably constructed for a lifetime of service.

Dome Automated Control System (DACS)

Telescope domes for the small university and amateur market (2 to 4 meters diameter) have traditionally lacked the ability to follow the telescope as it tracked celestial objects. The Dome Automated Control System allows a dome to be remotely computer controlled. This system allows the user to control both the telescope and dome from the same computer and is designed to interface with "The Sky" astronomical software.

Dual-Synchro Encoder Upgrade

AC synchros have been used for many years for position sensing for antenna rotators and platforms. Synchros were small, reliable and existed before digital encoders. They would drive a remote indicator directly and sometimes were used in "analog" computers. When the world started going digital, synchros were still less expensive, smaller, more reliable and more accurate than incremental encoders. Since this is no longer true, new designs almost exclusively use optical encoders and companies that made synchro-to-digital converters have almost abandoned the market. The Event Horizons Dual-Synchro Encoder upgrade is a form, fit and function replacement for the common 36:1 dual synchro assembly and the associated dual snychro-to-digital converters, with the additional advantage of providing a TRUE 16-bits of resolution.

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