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Event Horizons specializes in development of one-of-a-kind and prototype embedded systems, including motion control applications. Customer confidentiality is an important element of the work at Event Horizons, therefore we are unable to divulge customer names or reveal some details on our projects. This is a standing policy and is applied even when the customer does not request it. We can however, provide general information and, whenever possible, we have included photos and descriptions of the projects.

Precision Astronomical Tracking Drive Systems

Since 1982, even before Event Horizons was founded,we have provided the hardware and software development for a world-renowned manufacturer of research-grade astronomical tracking systems. These efforts started with simple AC-synchronous drives and have since advanced to Stepper-Motor drives, later adding Micro-Stepping for smoother drive. Currently under development is a new line of drives based on DC-Servo Drive technology.

Specialized Military Aircraft Air Traffic Control System

As a sub-contractor, Event Horizons has developed a large number of components for use in the Air-Traffic Control system on a military installation.

Flight Crash Recorder Data Compression Module

Event Horizons developed the custom compression algorithms required to implement data compression for a new line of digital flight recorders. In addition, we were contracted to implement the data compression as an add-on module for simple integration.

Microwave Power Source System

To facilitate production testing of composite components, Event Horizons designed and built a specialty microwave power source for a major aerospace company. The two units constructed have since been used to prove composite production methods by several companies and government agencies.

Medical Breath-Rate Monitor Prototype I and II

In Emergency Medical situations, one critical measurement of a patient's health is their breathing rate. At the scene, the paramedics were required to record this manually, which was time-consuming and prone to error. Event Horizons developed the electronic and mechanical components of a Breath-Rate monitor that could be used by EMT's in the field, even in the presence of supplementary oxygen.

Large-scale plotter, using a saw or plasma torch

In cooperation with a major manufacturer of packaging equipment, Event Horizons developed the control and drive electronics for a large-scale machine that is used to control a plasma cutting torch or a rotary saw.

Hand-held unit for utility metering services

Event Horizons provided embedded programming resources to support the development of a next-generation handheld unit for use by utility meter-readers This effort has involved integrating Assembly Language and 'C' programs with both low-level hardware and the top-level user interface.

Rotary fixture for Aerospace component production

An aerospace contractor needed a large rotary table to hold rocket components and rotate them at a precise rate while they were coated with an insulating compound. This rotary table had to operate in a spray booth environment, requiring all explosion-proof components. The custom designed drive-system used encoder-feedback to lock the DC-drive at the exact rate set by the front panel controls, including the acceleration and deceleration profiles required to handle the massive components placed on the rotary table. The customer had to have the table as soon as possible to start training employees in the specialized application process. The project was completed and delivered sixty-two days after the order was received. All design and fabrication was performed by Event Horizons except for the welding of the main frame, which was handled by a local vendor.

"Private Eye" documentation

Reflection Technologies, the developer of the "Private Eye" recently quietly folded up shop, much to the dismay of many owners and users. In a private effort, Event Horizons located and scanned most of the manuals for the P4 model. In addition, we reverse-engineered the ISA and PC-104 interface cards. All of this information is available for public access to assist owners in using and maintaining their display units. Event Horizons is in the process of developing an interface module and some simple driver software for operating the P4 as a test-bench display unit. Feedback is welcome.

...and many, many other projects.

This site was last updated 18 May 2003.

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